Y Barter – The Community Financial Services Center (CFSC)

  • The ULTIMATE currency – the ETV = electronic transfer of value, based on the value of the goods and services in the global marketplace and not some worthless piece of paper.
  • Integrity and stability (no deficit spending here by the administrators).
  • No need to “HAVE TO” join an association, just a free flow of trade goods and services.
  • THE UN-Common Currency (the ETV) allowing anyone involved in trade and barter to conduct business between each other.
  • No need of direct one-to-one cumbersome accounting.
  • System that provides for all of your needs — accounting, classifieds including travel opportunities worldwide.
  • The CFSC provides currency conversion automatic calculations based on the banking industry daily average inter-exchange bank rates.
  • Instant Facebook and Twitter feeds and weekly email broadcasts announcing your trade offerings.
  • Hot and new classifieds showing listed items no more than 2 weeks old.
  • Play in our worldwide center. You become a global trade exchange player.
    • You can add your key traders emails to the system to receive the classified offerings.
  • Online or telephone transaction authorizations,
    • Statements and a wide range of reports just a click away.
  • Every authorization the seller and buyer get automated email notification, so there are no surprises.
  • Dump all those myriad of recip accounts and get everyone to join you at YBarter.  One stop shop to keep track.
  • Global trading platform gives you access to the world.
  • You’ll have access to thousands and thousands of trading partners globally to sell to and buy from — all with the YB ETV (Electronic Transfer of Value).
  • A very cost effective program to expand your trading partners beyond just your local clients.
  • A qualified credit line giving you the opportunity to make deals happen and to grow your company.
  • And more!

So don’t delay, click here to SIGN UP today to add the YBarter Community Financial Services Center program to your toolkit to success.